Letter From The CEO

“Welcome to Propel Guru, the world’s most trusted digital marketing agency. At Propel Guru, we help our esteemed clients like you to leverage the best of resources, strategies, efforts, and deliverables to explore new markets, extend reach to new customers, and generate new sources of revenue streams. Our teams of certified digital marketing specialists are globally renowned for their unique abilities to create new communication channels and streamline business operations for our clients.

Today, companies across the world cannot play it safe, especially in challenging times now. In fact, today is just the ideal time for every company to grow and maintain its core business by introducing and re-introducing its products, services, and offerings in existing markets and expand the footprint of existing products to new markets. This is where the Propel Guru Team can help them as our teams of innovators transform the performance, operations, and processes of brick-and-mortar stores and Fortune 500 Companies. 

We do this by guiding them to leverage innovative capabilities and technologies effortlessly. Our teams ensure that products, services, technologies, and functionalities don’t become redundant, inaccessible, or too sophisticated, so they never have to look for radical alternatives to meet their requirements. As a responsible sales and digital marketing agency, Propel Guru carefully understands and analyzes our esteemed clients’ specific needs so we can improve customer satisfaction and product quality at every level.

Over the years, we have earned an impeccable reputation in the segments of sales and digital marketing. We will continue to grow exponentially and maintain it in the years to come. The teams of experienced and skilled graphic designers, content writers and editors, email marketing and lead generation specialists, and website designers & developers at Propel Guru put immense value in their efforts that are powered by the virtues of reliability, transparency, innovation, and sustainability.

When you choose Propel Guru as your sales and digital marketing partner, you don’t just get a contractor but a reliable partner for whom your success matters as much as it matters to you. We help your teams with website designing, web development, brand recognition, strategic planning, keyword research, and competitor analysis. Propel Guru teams also help you with web application management, content management, social media marketing, link building, lead generation, email marketing, and more so you can concentrate on the core operations of your business. We have always been guided by the unmatched zeal to provide value-added differentiation for our clients and will continue to do so.

We help you do more with less based on our years of experience and rich experience so our clients can gain a pivotal and market-leading position in their niche and future proof their business. 

At Propel Guru, each of us follows an astute approach to increasingly complex data, advanced analytics, emerging technologies, and machine learning. Our holistic approach to sustainable and quantified decision options help our clients discover the best of online recognition, profitability, and success like never before!”

Ajay Dubedi CEO

Propel Guru